Friday, January 20, 2006

Am I a Real Canadian?

If I were to believe Prime Minister Paul Martin, according to statements that he has been making in this, the last week of the election campaign, the following would be true:

1. Liberal values are Canadian values
2. Liberals do not hold to the same values as social conservatives who embrace traditional values on sexual morals and family
3. If #1 is true, social conservatives are not real Canadians.
4. Social conservatives are actually dangerous to Canada.
5. I am a social conservative.
6. Therefore, there must be no place in Canada for people like me.

I don’t like the direction that this discussion is going at all…. I hear echoes of the kind of intolerance that tends to lead to much nastier things; the kinds of things that this website is dedicated to opposing.

I urge all candidates of all political parties in this great land, to calm down the fear-mongering and labeling; this is the first step to creating a society that none of us will want to live in soon.

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Anonymous said...

The perception is that most Canadian's share "liberal values", but I wonder if that is really the case. I believe that we are a divided people and a divided country in many ways. I wonder what Canada's destiny holds, whether glory and success or failure or even self-destruction.