Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Persecuted Church Weblog Comment Policy

Just as a reminder to those of you who like to make comments to our posts:

• We reserve the right to moderate all comments and either approve them or not approve them for any reason without explanation. This is not censorship since we defend your right to fully express your opinion on your own website or blog.

• Our approval or refusal of a comment should not be taken to mean we agree or disagree with the comment. Each comment is the opinion of the one posting it.

• Disagreement is allowed and even encouraged. We are not, however, impressed by the use of profanity, insults, name calling, mean-spiritedness, and stereotyping. The use of such will probably result in your comment not being posted.

• We will not allow comments to be posted that contain links to other websites (due to malware concerns), are spam, advertisements, fundraising appeals, and the like.

• If the comment is irrelevant to the topic being discussed or clearly an attempt to drive traffic to your website, etc., it will not be posted.


Anonymous said...

I see the com box is working again.
Don't know what your technical issue was, but your comment box hasn't been coming up in IE or FF off XP or Vista the last couple of weeks.
There has been no error message to report to you, it just wasn't working on top post or archives.

If I as an individual get flack for moderating, I can't imagine what organizations go through.

I wish commenters could see the amount of spam that small insignificant sites get - let alone organizations.
It would be nice if they were able to understand the number of bots scraping, and why these issues become a finacial drain on a site owner.
They might be a bit more empathic and patient.

Bene D

Glenn Penner said...

Interesting that you have been having problems with the comments box not coming up. Others seemed to have no problems posting comments over the past couple of weeks. We do use a slightly different comment form that what is standard on Blogger (it appears embedded underneath rather than as a separate window; a feature from blogger beta). I use both IE and FF in XP and never experienced this problem over the past couple of weeks, so I am kinda stumped. Sorry, no answer for you there.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm not up on all the nuances of posting comments. I not sure what all those choices mean and what one to select in order for my post to be accepted. Seems a little complicated for me. If you can help, I would be open to it. Blessings.

Glenn Penner said...

The easiest is to choose Anonymous or Name/URL. You have no difficulties after that. Just have to type in the word verification code that appears (this is to keep spamming programs from filling the comment box with junk messages). Give it a try and then let me know if you still have any problems