Thursday, March 29, 2007

Christians as the True Humanists

I believe that the only true humanists in the world are Christians.

Now, before you rush for the rocks with which to stone me, hear me out. I believe that only Christians have good and sufficient reasons to have a high view of humanity as image bearers of our Creator. If anyone should have a high view of humanity, it should be Christians. Yes, we are fallen, the image marred and not reflecting the image of God perfectly (or even very well very often) but it is not destroyed as the biblical record is clear to point out. As such, we have good reasons for treating human beings with respect and defending their rights as given and protected by God. Christians ought not to be enemies of human rights, but friends and defenders of them. It is a tragedy that we have too often given up the role of defending human freedom to atheists who have no reason to believe in the value of human life.

It is worth remembering that no one is more human than when he or she is in a right relationship with God. This is what we were created to be. Our fallacies and proneness to sin is not the fault of our humanity; it is the fault of our sinfulness. It is incorrect to say, when we sin, "Well, I am just human." No, if we were acting truly human, we would not have sinned. We would have reflected the image of God and walked in obedience. This is what Jurgen Moltmann meant when he said that "Only a Christian can be a good atheist." Only a Christian is able to protect and promote what the atheist proclaims to hold dearest - our true humanity.

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