Saturday, March 24, 2007

Translations Completed on "In the Shadow of the Cross"

It isn't often that one gets to watch two babies born in a single week, but I kind of feel like this was my experience this week. On Monday, one of our colleagues from Ukraine arrived with two packages in tow. When I opened them, I was delighted to see my book, In the Shadow of the Cross, freshly translated and printed in Ukrainian. What a joy! Having lived there in the early 90's for almost a year, Ukraine retains a special place for me and I am so pleased that I can continue to make a contribution to the church there through my book.

Then on Thursday, I received an email from Bob Fu of China Aid Association telling me that the translation of my book into Chinese had finally been finished and that it was just being checked over by some readers. Hopefully, we will be able to start printing it soon and distributing it to the believers in China.

This is very exciting for me, as I am sure you can appreciate. While I am gratified for how the book is being received by readers in the English-speaking world, I really wrote the book for the persecuted church. And so, to see it translated into languages which make it more accessible to them is very much a passion of mine (which is why I retained the translation rights). At the present time, In the Shadow of the Cross is being translated (or plans are in the works to have it translated) into Tigrinya, Farsi, Dutch, German, Tamil, Sinhalese, Spanish, Arabic and Urdu.

Pray that God will continue to use this book (and the seminars that VOMC is conducting using the material from it) to build up the church around the world. Pray that we will have the resources to make it available to church leaders around the world.

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