Sunday, March 04, 2007

"I don't want to grow lax and forget what I've learned"

Some of you have been following my reports on Vanessa Fry, one of my former students at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. As I mentioned in my previous posts, Vanessa was seriously hurt in a work-related injury in February and I was especially touched by how she was seeking to take what she has learned from the persecuted church in the world and what is taught in scripture and apply it meaningfully to her own present situation.

Vanessa sent me an email me again a couple of days ago and here is what she wrote:

"Thanks so much for your continued prayers for me. I am doing tremendously better as far as balance and dizziness go.... I am not having to use the cane that I have been using the last three weeks anymore and the headaches are getting less severe. I hope to resume my normal routine Monday. My mom is worried it may be too soon, but I think it will be fine. I would still covet your prayers however. I have had such a deep time of study in the Word and growing through the suffering. Now that I am getting better, I don't want to grow lax and forget what I've learned. Instead, I wish to learn more and draw closer to God. As the demands on my time and energy increase, I know the temptation to neglect intimate time with Him will grow. Pray that I will cling to He who was my sure foundation and rock during the storm and that I will remember that it is only through remaining saturated in His Word that I will be able to weather the other storms in life that are sure to come. Thanks again for your prayers, friendship, and words of encouragement."

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