Saturday, December 27, 2008

Theology of Persecution weblog launched

scribe For several years, The Voice of the Martyrs in Canada has been committed to the research and teaching of the what the Bible teaches about persecution to Christians around the world.  It is well recognized by those who work among persecuted Christians that few attempts have been made to develop a biblical theology of persecution. Most attempts consist of selected texts arranged thematically which, while helpful and better than nothing at all, fail to reveal the extent to which suffering for righteousness is addressed in the biblical text. Much of the problem, it seems to me, comes down to a failure to adequately consider many of the scriptural passages on suffering in their context. For example, it is rarely recognized that the New Testament authors are not overly concerned to answer the question of suffering in general (i.e., suffering due to living in a fallen world). That such suffering occurs is recognized but most of the New Testament passages that address suffering do so in the context of suffering for righteousness and not because of sin or because one lives in a fallen world. But in many of the classic books on suffering, this type of suffering is hardly ever stressed.

Today, VOMC officially launched a new one-of-a-kind weblog ( dedicated to publishing and promoting articles and research on this vital subject. Students, teachers, pastors and other church leaders (especially those in religiously restricted or hostile nations) should find this site particularly helpful in their study and teaching of God's Word. The commitment of this site is not theological innovation or personal application as much as it is to determine, discuss, and communicate the original context and meaning of the biblical text.

We have already posted a number of articles for you to study.  So surf on over. We invite your comments, questions, and submissions.

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