Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tough times require tough faith

distress This is more than a slogan, even though you will likely be seeing it more throughout 2009 from The Voice of the Martyrs.  I know from personal experience just how valuable it is to fellowship with persecuted Christians during the storms of life.  Many of you know of my struggle over the past six years with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.  While the path of following Christ through these years has not been without its bumps in the road, I can honestly say that had it not been for the testimonies of God's faithfulness to His people around the world, I am rather certain that I would have struggled more with trusting God than I have. This is not to say that I am such a man of faith.  Au contraire mon frere.  It is evidence of God's grace; that He is able to keep me to Himself in the midst of an unchanging situation.  And His instrument of grace has been the witness of His persecuted church around the world and especially in Ethiopia.

This is why I am not the least bit embarrassed to suggest that in these difficult times that so many of us are going through that this is time to saturate ourselves with the message that we proclaim in our monthly newsletter.  Not so that we won't feel so bad about our situation when we realize that others have it worse.  No!  A thousand times no!  We need to discover how persecuted Christians around the world are standing firm in the midst of their storm so that we can imitate their faith (see Hebrews 13:7; 1 Peter 5:9).

As you read their testimonies, yes, you will be moved to pray and challenged to action as we provide practical ways to reach out in love.  But you will also learn how to be how to be a cross-carrying disciple of Jesus Christ in your world as you trust the Lord in your situation. 

So, if you are not receiving our free monthly newsletter, I encourage you to give it a "test drive."  See if it doesn't change your life. Click here to request your copy.

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