Monday, March 20, 2006

Afghan Christian Convert Faces Death as Canadian Troops Fight for His Freedom

So, while Canadian troops are fighting for freedom in Afghanistan, an Afghan Christian faces being executed for converting from Islam sixteen years ago.

Can anyone tell me how this makes any sense? What are Canadians fighting for in Afghanistan? For what are they risking their life? To protect the right for Muslim clerics to impose Sharia law on religious minorities? The right to restrict religious freedom and to kill "apostates"? Are we fighting for his freedom only to have the Muslim clerics execute him? The fact that this man is even facing this trial is a gross violation of international human rights agreements that Afghanistan claims to uphold.

On March 14, Prime Minister Stephen Harper met today with Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul. President Karzai expressed his gratitude for the support Canada has offered Afghanistan and Prime Minister Harper reiterated Canada’s unwavering commitment to the people of Afghanistan. Let's remind the Prime Minister that Canada need to be committed to all of the people of Afghanistan, including its persecuted Christian population. I would urge you to email him at and urge him to intervene with the Afghan president in the case of Abdul Rahman.

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