Friday, June 23, 2006

Heading Off On Vacation

I remember when I was a pastor back in Manitoba how we discussed once whether to give our Sunday School teachers a break over the summer by canceling Sunday School during July and August. One dear saint remarked that Satan never takes a break and so maybe we shouldn’t either. I wish I had thought to respond, “Yes, but I have never seen Satan as an example to follow.” But I was young and not too quick back then.

Starting next Monday, I am going to take two weeks of vacation. I first have to go to Bartlesville, Oklahoma for the weekend to speak at the National Conference of The Voice of the Martyrs in the United States. But as of Monday, I will be kicking back with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other. I will be staying around the house most of the time, although my first three days are taken up with appointments with my oncologist, dermatologist, and dentist (sounds like fun, eh? At least I will catch up on my reading of ten year old Reader’s Digest and Time magazines while in the waiting rooms). I also have completely unrealistic expectations of all of the leadership and theology books I will read during my time off (yes, this really is my idea of fun). And I won’t be checking my emails (thanks, Jim, for taking care of this for me. Free at last, free at last!!). I also intend to catch a few World Cup football (not soccer) matches. Go England!!

Maybe this sounds a bit boring for some whose idea of vacation is to travel thousands of miles to see new things, but that’s too much like work for me. I would much rather stay home for a change.

So, I am not sure how much blogging I am actually going to do in the next couple of weeks. I suppose it largely depends on if what I read inspires me or puts me to sleep, or if I can sneak onto my computer when my wife isn’t looking to upload something. If you haven’t been checking on this weblog regularly, you may want to check out my main weblog site where you can find all of the blogs that I have posted since December (now there is good insomniac reading!).

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