Friday, January 11, 2008

A Personal Plug for “The Christians”

v_2-5 As a lover and teacher of church history, I want to tell you about a project that I support very much. It is the project begun several years ago called “The Christians.” It is a unique series of twelve projected volumes covering the span of church history from the first century to the present. The first six books were completed in 2004 before the company that was publishing it went insolvent. Since then, the Society to Explore and Record Christian History (SEARCH) was organized by Ted Byfield, general editor of the book series with the goal of completing the series by 2010. It is also preparing a movie and television version of the series.

Each volume is hardbound, measures 9 x 12 inches, and is lavishly illustrated with original, commissioned artwork, photos, and maps throughout. The research is impeccable, researched, written and edited by academics and journalists from diverse Christian backgrounds. This is truly a unique series; one that should be in any Christian’s home and every church leader’s library.

I bought the first six volumes as soon as they were published and I was excited to learn last year that the project had been revived after its apparent demise. I am committed to buying the last six books when they, too, become available.

Go to and take a look for yourself.  Buy the first book and see if it is not one of the finest books you have ever owned. By the way, there is no benefit to me or to The Voice of the Martyrs for this “plug”. I just really believe in this series of books and sincerely look in hope to its completion.

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