Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just Curious, and Asking!

By Bernie Daniel

Yesterday, on March 24, 2008, I read an interesting story. Anwar Ashiqi, president of the Saudi centre for Middle East Strategic Studies, essentially stated that official negotiations to construct a church in Saudi Arabia can start only if "...all Christian churches recognize the prophet Mohammed", adding, "If they don't recognize him as a prophet, how can we have a church in the Saudi kingdom?" (Click here to read)

Obviously, Ashiqi's comment reflects that recognition of Mohammed as a prophet is an important aspect of Islam. This got me thinking. There are many mosques in London, Rome, New York, and Toronto. How many of them would have been built if a condition for their construction was for these Muslim mosques to recognize that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Saviour who came with love and grace to save the world? That happens to be an important ingredient of Christianity.

Just curious, and asking!

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