Monday, September 15, 2008

Hindu-Christian conflicts?

What I cannot figure out is how even Christian news services can slip into labelling the recent violence in India as "clashes between Hindus and Christians" as CBN did in their recent report. I would expect this kind of politically correct reporting from the International Herald Tribune or AFP, but even most of the Indian media is calling the violence what it is; attacks on Christians by Hindus.  To seek to share the responsibility among both parties (in an attempt to appear unbiased) is misleading and inaccurate reporting.  Yes, the mobs feel justified in their attacks on churches because they believe that Christians are forcibly converting Hindus (which Christians strenuously deny) but conversion is hardly an act of violence.  Maybe it's just the way I understand English, but for a "clash" to take place, don't both sides need to be fighting?  From all reports I am reading (and I have been reading a ton of them over the past three weeks), I have seen only one report where Christians defended themselves using weaponry and in this case, local church leaders condemned the action.

I urge the Christian media, in particular, to resist the pull to re-label this persecution.  Not only is it reporting that misses the point but it inadvertently casts a pall of suspicion on the sufferings of our brothers and sisters.


Anonymous said...

Hello, could you please send me whatever information you have about the Anti-Christian Violence in Orissa, India. I am planning to bring out a book on the same issue.
With regards,
Vinu K John
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Glenn Penner said...

I am afraid that not all of the information we have received is for public distribution. May I encourage you look at our website

Anonymous said...

Even the Hindu media in India is calling it what it should - Attacks on Christians by Hindu militants. I dont understand why people become so secular when Christians get persecuted.