Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why Christmas May Not Bring Peace to India

Christmas ‘09 is unlikely to bring peace to India, least of all to Christians in Orissa. This is mainly because the vocal section of the Indian Christian leadership has chosen to pursue NOT peace but condemnation of Hindus, Maoists, Government and those calling for peace-making.

A controversial statement, to say the least.  It is especially so because it comes from an Indian Christian intellectual who argues, among other things, that Christians in India need to apologize for the assassination of Hindu leader, Swami Laxmanda.  While many may not agree with some of the statements of Vishal Mangalwadi in his paper, Christmas May Not Bring Peace to India (and I don't), his observations are very helpful in understanding the situation in Orissa and should not be ignored just because they give a perspective that has not received wide attention here in the West.  You can download his paper by clicking here.  Read it over and then give your opinion by commenting below.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to know for us outsiders in the West how true it is that there is cooperation between maoists and christians in India.If it is as Vishal Manggawadi describes it,then that is sad.As far as the attitude of the churches not to seek peace but pronounce condemnation,they will have to decide what God's will is in this is not up to us in the West to judge.The slogans of the maoists will probably sound very attractive to many desperately poor citizens of India.For many christianity is new and the lack of sufficient discipleship will add to the mixture of christianity and maoistic ideas.(It goes without saying that christianity,God centered,and maoism,state-self centered,have nothing in common but are total oppsites and enemies.)
I think that the churches in India should have an open ear and eye for these situations and act accordingly.
Even though the murder of Swami Laxmanda and the other Hindu leaders is an act of violence and to be condemned.But so is the murder of any other person by others for whatever reason.
And lastly followers of Jesus are the target by Satan who uses hatefilled people to do it.Revelation 12:17.

blueshawk said...

Thanks for posting Vishal Mangalwadi's paper. As you have mentioned in previous posts, accurate information is vital; it is really easy to fall into simple explanations and prejudices. I admit I had found myself condemning "Hindu persecution against Christians." Unfortunately, or fortunately, life is rarely so easily understood.

While Vishal's paper expresses his viewpoint (which may also be skewed), it is nice to read his thoughts that attempt to get to the heart of things. I came away with many things, including the hope and prayer that my Indian brothers and sisters would love those who persecute them, displaying Christ, who is so needed in India now. I also found myself abandoning "Hindus persecute Christians" for the hope that Hindus, especially the poor, would be treated fairly as well and find peace in Christ.