Sunday, July 05, 2009

This week’s featured Persecuted Church resources (July 5-11)

Here are three of our newest resources available for from The Voice of the Martyrs that you are going to love.

Safely Home (Audio Book) by Randy Alcorn

shab1 Heading on a road trip this summer?  Stuck in traffic, commuting to and from work?  Redeem the time, listening to a great Christian novel about the persecuted church in China.  Safely Home follows the story of two Harvard roommates, one American and one Chinese, who reunite in China decades after they graduate. They are shocked at what they discover about each other, how the paths they have walked have shaped their lives and loyalties in radically different ways. ($20.00. 6 CDs Approx. 7.5 hours)

tjag1 The Gospel According to Job by Mike Mason

The Gospel According to Job is a rich, thoughtful and deep journey into the text of the book of Job where we learn that there are no easy answers to suffering, especially suffering due to one’s relationship with God. We discover that the mark of true faith is not happiness, but rather, having one's deepest passions engaged by the enormity of God. ($20.00. Paperback, 448 pages)

ev Egyptian Voices by The Voice of the Martyrs

Christianity goes back two thousand years in Egypt. Throughout that history, the followers of Christ have suffered persecution of varying kinds, continuing to the present day. For converts from Islam, the trials are particularly severe. Hear the stories of struggle and an enduring faith lived out by today’s persecuted church in Egypt and how The Voice of the Martyrs is standing with them in building God’s kingdom. (10.00. DVD, 25 minutes, 2009).

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