Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Weblog for The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

Dear blog readers,

As of today, The Voice of the Martyrs Canada has launched a new blog following the passing of VOMC's former C.E.O., Glenn Penner, who was largely responsible for managing this weblog site. We felt that a new space, a fresh forum, was needed to reconnect with you and dialogue with you about the persecuted Church.

So, we warmly invite you to check out our new blog today.

Thanks, and God bless!

-Adele Konyndyk and Erin Vandenberg


JoG said...

Thank you for doing this.
I know we all miss Glenn, and continue to pray for Denita and his family.
But I think he would be mighty pleased that the work carries

Remi said...

I certainly agree with JoG. The Lord will keep strengthening you guys and help all of us to run well and finish well. Glenn finished well, for his faith in his Saviour was strong till the end. Sweet is our memories of him. The Lord will surely care for his family - the wife and children, and you all at the VOM, Canada