Saturday, July 29, 2006

Persecuted by His Own Family

Just in case you still believe that accepting Jesus is the path to safety, success, and prosperity, here is a story I just received from one of our contacts in India.

Brother Chandrappa aged 58, from Upparabeerahalli, Chikkmangalore, Karnataka was thrown out of his family for accepting Jesus as his Savior and Lord. Brother Chandrappa is from the poor scheduled cast community and was baptized on 2nd June 2006.

He lives with his wife and mother-in-law at Upparabeerahalli. On return to his home after baptism, his wife and mother-in-law refused to accept him into their home and asked to leave the house because of his faith. Though his pastor tried contacting brother Chandrappa, he was informed by brother Chandrappa's wife that he is gone out of station for work.

Brother Chandrappa was wandering around with out food and shelter for about one month in various places. After a lot of difficulty he managed to reach the pastor's house in a real bad condition. He was without bath, shave, food and proper clothing.

The pastor immediately arranged for a new set of cloths and other necessary things. As per the advice of the pastor, brother Chandrappa visited his family again and he was chased out again because of his faith in Jesus Christ.

Brother Chandrappa is currently staying with his Pastor at Shimoga.

The fact is, this brother's experience closely matches the teaching of the New Testament where we are promised persecution, even from our own families, when we choose to follow Christ.

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