Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Looking Ahead to Changes On Persecution.Net

You might be interested to know that, as of last week, you can reach the main website of The Voice of the Martyrs under a number of domain names. We reserved a number of domain names in order to: 1) make it more convenient for people to find us, 2) to protect our name from cyber-squatters. So now, to reach our main website, you can type into your address box, if you wish:

Or you can continue to use our official domain address,

Watch for other changes coming to Persecution.Net in the coming weeks. Soon we will be releasing a graphics version of The Persecution and Prayer Alert that will include pictures such as are found on the web version.

This fall, we will also be launching a monthly webcast which we will be prepared to offer to other websites if they wish to link to it. This is an exciting development for us. Watch for more details.

In September, you will also be able to listen to our new radio program, Jesus Freaks Radio, which is now being broadcast on stations across the country.

We will also be moving some resources to our main website from our multimedia website as the site goes through a complete revision (hopefully in time for International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church in November).

So, keep your eye in Persecution.Net in the next few weeks as we continue to make this website your source of persecution news on the Net.

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