Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Please Pray for Jeremiah Zurowski

I would like to ask that you would please uphold Jeremiah Zurowski, the six-month-old son of Tom and Elli Zurowski, in your prayers tomorrow. Little Jeremiah will be undergoing surgery to correct a small hole in his heart; a condition common to children born with Downs Syndrome. Jeremiah's case is far less severe than many and doctors are confident of success. Still, as Tom's website says, "We have been told that this is a "safe" procedure, but as his parents, we can't help but to be concerned about Jeremiah having his chest opened up and put on a heart - lung machine."

Tom is one of our great friends here at The Voice of the Martyrs in Canada, as we partner with his ministry, Global Response Network in rebuilding and operating the Nugent School in Loka, Sudan. He is a tremendous man of God and loved by persecuted Christians around the world.

Thank you for your prayers for little Jeremiah and check out Tom's website (http://www.grnconnect.org/) for more information about his ministry and lots of cute pictures of his little guy.

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Glenn Penner said...

Just as an update, Jeremiah’s surgery was a success. He had his open-heart surgery on the 9th of August and then had another operation to install a pace maker on the 14th. Please continue to pray for Jeremiah’s recovery and his ongoing development.