Friday, July 20, 2007

Calling for Jihad, Good. Reporting on Persecution, Bad.

VisionTV says it will monitor one of its shows more closely after some viewers complained when it broadcast a lecture last Saturday afternoon by an Islamic preacher who said the Quran requires Muslims to either fight jihad or finance it. At no point, however, do they admit that it was inappropriate for their station to broadcast this lecture.

Fine. What frosts my cookies, however, is that VisionTV absolutely refuses to allow programs to run our video reports such as The Overcomers on their network. Too divisive, they say. Promotes intolerance towards other religions.

So, I guess it is more acceptable to have a program call for jihad than it is to have one on that reports on the consequences of these jihads.


nachtwache said...

Divisive and intolerant? Ha! Killing people, or, a call to kill people that are not Muslim ( infidels ), or support those doing the killing is not intolerant and just a bit divisive? What planet DO these people live on? So incredibly frustrating.
I love that quote: Some people are only alive because it's illegal to kill them.
Hello, it's ILLEGAL to kill people, even if they're not of your religion! Don't these liberal "let's all be nice and tolerant" morons realize that they're not viewed as nice, they're viewed as idiots and weaklings by the extremists.
Time to quit being doormats!
By the way, I was glad to see England charging some of those protesters that were calling for the murder of westerners.

nachtwache said...

Ooops, sorry about some of them words. I got a little fired up. This stuff always gets me hot.