Friday, September 07, 2007

Prayer for Trip to England

I would appreciate your prayer as I leave on Monday for the United Kingdom for a week. This is my first international trip in about 16 months and the first since my stem cell transplant in December. My loved ones are, of course, concerned about my health and whether I will get sick while overseas, but I believe that God wants me to go on this trip. The purpose of the trip is to continue working on the Religious Liberty Partnership that was launched earlier this year. I am on the RLP executive and believe that this is a strategic endeavour. I will also be meeting with the staff of Christian Solidarity Worldwide and our sister mission, Release International and hopefully with our friends at Forum 18. So, it should be a valuable trip.

Pray specially for strength. I do struggle with stamina and am concerned about hauling my luggage around Heathrow airport.

I will try to make the occasional entry while in London and fill you in on how things are going.

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