Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Report from London

I just finished meetings here in London with the other members of the Leadership Team of the Religious Liberty Partnership that was founded earlier this year. I truly believe this partnership will contribute significantly to serving persecuted Christians as we create an environment where ministries can learn to trust each other and cooperate together, share information and avoid duplication of work.

Amoung our decisions today, we passed a draft copy of Best Practices for Ministry With and For the Persecuted Church that several of us worked on earlier and which will now be taken to the Membership of the Partnership next March when we meet in Zurich for final acceptance. This is a significant document, in my opinion, in positively addressing many of the missteps that ministries that work in this field often commit but could avoid. I look forward to seeing it become public in the future.

Well, I have a couple of days of meetings with other ministries. Thank you to those who have been praying for me during my time here.

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nachtwache said...

What a great idea, Christians working together! It's nice to see some unity instead of splits because of stubborn disagreements. Keep up the good work!
Zurich has many things worth seeing, I hope you'll have time for that. There's the "Grossmuenster" a large cathedral, where you can go up to one of the spires and look across the city, Zwinggly's church is close by, within walking distance. Near the main train station is the national museum, they have tours in English. The park outside of the museum is where they had their enabling drugaddicts experiment that blew up in their face. Take a boat ride on the Limmat, the river that flows through Zurich, boat trips across the lake and back are worth it. There are many statues, picturesque fountains, old buildings with murals, a path along the lake, swans, a beautiful park. Might as well see some things if you're there.