Friday, November 23, 2007

Pray for VOMC Staff Who Are Abroad

It's been very quiet around the office for the past week. Besides experiencing our first winter storm of the year, we are also missing a number of staff members who are in various countries of the world right now. Indeed, we have never had so many out doing ministry in persecuted countries at the same time as we do right now. And while it has added to the workload of those of us left behind here in Canada, we rejoice at the opportunities that God has put before us at this time.

One of our staff is out teaching hundreds of pastors and church leaders in a restricted nation the glories of what God's Word teaches about persecution and following Christ in the hopes that they will encourage their congregations to stand firm in the truth of God. Another is documenting cases of mistreatment of believers in a West African country and visiting an orphanage that we operate for children who have lost one or both of their parents to persecution. A team is in east Africa visiting believers there, letting them know that they have not be forgotten, evaluating our programs in the region and seeking God's guidance for the future. Another of our staff is visiting a hospital in Sudan on behalf of his church, providing funding and putting together a report that he will give to them upon his return.

I would appreciate your prayer for these servants of the Lord and His persecuted church and for their families as they await their return. Pray for their safety, but especially pray that they would be a blessing to those they meet.

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