Friday, November 30, 2007

What Would Offend Mohammed?

Just a thought to ponder.... If Mohammed were alive today, I wonder which he would find more offensive: A teddy bear named Mohammed or thousands of his so-called followers demanding that a British teacher be brutally put to death for allowing a little boy named Mohammed to name the bear after himself? Muslims complain that they are being vilified by the media. Maybe part of the problem is that too many of their brothers (like those protesting in Sudan today) give the media such good reasons to do so. Somehow I have a suspicion that Mohammed would tell them all to go home and let someone else worry about his dignity.

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Anonymous said...

that's easy - the teddy bear would definitely offend Mohammie the most. Have you not read the Koran? Mohammed was not a peaceful man. He began with war, and his mission has been carried out in war ever since.