Friday, February 01, 2008

Tortured For Christ: The Film

The Voice of the Martyrs recently discovered a digital copy of the very first film that Richard Wurmbrand produced after his release from prison. Known under the same name as his best-selling book, "Tortured For Christ", this film was shown in churches and meetings across North America. I thought that I would like to share it with you. Just click on the picture below to view this one-of-a-kind classic film.


Anonymous said...

I have tried to listen to this testimony several times but unfortunately it keeps cutting out. I believe I got most of it this morning. Did you realize that it was Feb. 29, 1948 that Richard Wurmbrand was kidnapped? This is the 60th anniversary. I don't want to be anonymous but I am not a blogger or have a URL. Eunice

Glenn Penner said...

The cutting out undoubtedly has to do with the speed of your Internet connection. Not much we can do about that. Thanks for the reminder about the date!

nachtwache said...

Wow, what a powerful testimony! I read 'Tortured for Christ' 30 years ago, in German, all these years my husband has been getting newsletters and now e-mails about persecutions and he writes letters asking for prisoners to be released. In some ways we are so blessed, living in our free country, yet miss much among all the overabundance of material things and business of live.
How do I keep the fire burning and not be lukewarm?