Monday, February 25, 2008

Was It Right for the Danes to Reprint the Cartoon? (a poll)

Recently, a US religion and public policy institute condemned the decision by 17 Danish newspapers to reprint a controversial cartoon depicting Muhammad that caused rioting throughout the world in early 2006. They argued that a responsible media is "sensitive to avoid affronting religious beliefs and contributing to conflicts between religions and their members due to religious differences." Others, however, argue that this is a call to self-censorship that gives too much power to those who seek to limit freedom of speech through intimidation and claims to offence. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I find this a hard question. To give into intimidation doesn't solve any problems. If it were only the Danish newspapers that suffered the consequences of their actions that is a chance they might be willing to take. However, it seems that revenge is taken on people who had nothing to do with the printing of the cartoons. To make a choice that is not vital that will affect innocent people seems unnecessary. Eunice

Comfort said...

This is not a question for a simple 'yes' or 'No' answer. What is the real motive for re-printing the cartoons? if it is merely to express the freedom of expression, this can be done in a way that won't unnecessary put many lives in danger in the hand of some most unreasonable and blood-thirsty freaks. (please, pardon the language, but that's what they are). Comfort

Marta Salazar said...


I think it was not proper to print the cartoons!