Saturday, April 26, 2008

Islamists in Our Midst

khan Twenty-three year old Torontonian Naeem Muhammad Khan openly supports the Taliban and calls Osama bin Laden a hero.  His Facebook page encourages people to "Support Our Troops" but he is not speaking on our Canadian troops in Afghanistan; he is referring to the Taliban who are killing our young men.  He claims on his Facebook group "Enemies of Islam" that "this group does not advocate violence against the people who will be Named and Pictured in this group, the only purpose is to let the Muslims know their enemies."  Yet, in his comments on various pictures of so-called enemies of Islam, he asks (concerning a picture of a summit meeting between the Pakistani, American, and Afghani presidents) "Why didn't a bomb go off?" On a picture of Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirishi Ali, he comments "Hope they get killed like pigs."  And to Salmon Rushdie, he comments, "May he die like a pig he is."

support_troopsThis fellow came to my attention first on Thursday in an article in the National Post in which they did an expose of and interview with Naeem Muhammad Khan.  In the article, they referred to a citation in one of his online postings (which I have not been able to find; if anyone knows where it is, I would like to see it) in which he wrote concerning an "Islam basher". ""Behead her!!! And make a nice video and post it on YouTube."

My question is, where are the Ontario and Canadian Human Rights Commissions now?  This man, despite his claims to the contrary, is publicly calling for violence against enemies of Islam (i.e. Canadian soldiers, moderate Muslims, whom he calls apostates, and others who dare to critique Islam).  Or will they, in their typical fashion, go after the National Post reporter who dared to report on this Islamist?


Anonymous said...

Look how the Human Rights Commission have gone against Christian Horizons for their employment policies. I keep thinking of George Orwell's Animal Farm - Some animals are more equal than others. How true!

Glenn Penner said...

I will probably post a separate blog on this ruling if I get a chance this week.