Sunday, April 20, 2008

Warm Reception in Cottam

cottambaptist I had the most enjoyable time this morning fellowshipping and sharing with the congregation of the Cottam Baptist Church in Cottam, Ontario.  Cottam is a lovely small town near Windsor in the southern-most part of Canada.  The church numbers about 100 or so. Their pastor is a warm brother named Don Brehaut who possesses a genuine concern for the persecuted church around the world.  His praise for our work as a mission was humbling and his love for Christ and His Church worldwide is a model that I wish many others would follow.  As I shared in both the Sunday school hour and the worship service, I sensed an openness and a freedom in the Spirit that I had rarely had in the decade that I have been with The Voice of the Martyrs.  Their worship is simple and even a little old-fashioned.  But it is warm and you know that God is there.  When the pastor prays, it is obvious that this is a man who knows God.  This church is a gem and I wish them God's richest blessing.

If you live in southern Ontario and are looking for a church home, contact the Cottam Baptist Church.  You won't be impressed by their programs as much as you will be impressed by their people.  And that, I believe, is how God judges success.


damian s v said...

When the pastor prays, it is obvious that this is a man who knows God and you know that God is there.

Study up on the early church fathers and the Eucharist. Or Dr Ray Guarendi 's Why Be Catholic re airing 4/25 at 4am est on the regular real ewtn channel.

which is by 1hope4all

Glenn Penner said...

I am also reminded of Andrew Murray, a South African church leader from the early 1900's who wrote in his book, The Key to the Missionary Problem" that the key to having a congregation who is missions-oriented is to have a pastor who is.