Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Insult to Freedom of Speech

Khurrum Awan Freedom of speech does not include the right to have one's views published or broadcast. Nor does freedom of the press carry with it an obligation to give space to views opposed to those held by the press' owners or their editors.

Indeed, the only way that a right to have one's views aired could exist is if the government restricted the freedom of the press, forcing media outlets to publish or broadcast material that was deemed otherwise unworthy.

We at The Voice of the Martyrs wholeheartedly support this view and are deeply concerned about recent human rights commission rulings, statements, and complaints that could potentially severely restrict freedom of expression here in Canada.  Read the remainder of this excellent editorial from yesterday's National Post that suggests that recent comments by Khurrum Awan (a Muslim with a complaint against Maclean's magazine before the B.C. Human Rights Commission) demonstrate that this young man is not fighting for the freedom of expression, as he claims, but its suppression.

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Anonymous said...

Tell it to the courts in our land. Tell it to the ever 'tolerant' and sleepy, blind society that we live in.
It will be too late by the time everyone wakes up.
Thank your for speaking out.