Friday, June 13, 2008

What Kind of Animals Would Do This?

pakistangrief On May 25, Niamat Masih was returning home from work in Lahore when he discovered that his 12-year-old daughter was not at home.  He immediately went out looking for her, concerned because Elishba suffered from psychological problems.  He could not find her.  Passing by a house not far from his own, broken down and without doors, he heard some noises coming from inside.  Just then, a young Muslim named Muhammad Badshaw appeared in the doorway.  When he saw Niamat, he ran off.  Naimat entered the house and saw two other young men who also ran off.  There, on the floor, unconscious and with her clothing torn Niamat found his daughter.  It as a sight no father should ever see.  It was an experience that no 12-year-old should ever even contemplate much less go through. 

Sadly, it is not uncommon for young Christian girls to experience this kind of atrocity in Muslim countries around the world.  All I can ask is why? I understand that sexual assaults take place around the world.  But can someone please tell me why is the gang raping of young (often pre-teen) girls by Muslim young men is so dreadfully common in Islamic countries?

It is my hope and prayer that these three animals will receive the justice that they so justifiably deserve.  Because of the help that the Masih family is receiving from a Pakistani lawyer, they will be able to press charges.  Many poor Christians never press charges because they cannot afford to hire a lawyer.  Also, many, including this family, face threats of violence if they file charges.  May prayer is for their protection in these days.  My prayers also go out to Elishba who is presently receiving care from a centre in Lahore run by religious sisters and specializing in the treatment of patients with mental problems.  May she receive the healing from God that only He can provide to those who have suffered so. 


Anonymous said...

I am grieved to no end. I pray that this little girl would receive God's grace abundantly to cope with what she must be going through now.As someone involved in missions in India for 30 years now, I see this as one more reason for reaching out to a country like India before this country too becomes like its Muslim neighbours.

Anonymous said...

Terrible.Inhuman. They are destroying themselves forever.
God have mercy.