Saturday, July 26, 2008

Glenn Penner's Health Updates Moving to Personal Blog

Since I was diagnosed with cancer six years ago, it has always been my concern that this NOT be a focus of our ministry here at The Voice of the Martyrs. The sufferings of our brothers and sisters for their faith in our mission's prime concern (and mine). I appreciate, however, that there are a number of people who read this blog who are concerned for me and my family and who faithfully pray for us. I am more grateful to these saints than you can imagine.

However, my concern remains that the Persecuted Church Weblog not become the "Glenn Penner health report." So, earlier this week I created my own personal blog where I will post reports (on my own time and on my own dime) from myself and my wife on the latest development on my battle with cancer, plus blog about other things that interest me. It can be found at That's easy to remember, isn't it?

Thanks to each of you who check here regularly to check up on me. Please continue to come by this site for my official VOMC blogs. This is really the important one, to my thinking and the one that gets my blogging priority.

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