Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Back

A week and a half ago, as the result of a preliminary biopsy on a lymph node on my neck, I was warned that it appeared that the cancer that we had hoped had been successfully treated had returned.  Further bone marrow tests have unfortunately confirmed that this is the case, although the type and virility of the chronic lymphotcytic leukemia (CLL) has yet to the determined.  At this stage, there is no indication as to the kind of treatments that will be required or how soon. We will simply be working together with the capable staff at Princess Margaret Hospital in determining what exactly I have and how we might effectively address it. This will require some further testing, of course, and more time and patience than I had hoped. 

I do want to assure those of you who know me that I am genuinely feeling fine and that there is no need for undue concern.  Yes, my family and I are disappointed.  We are confident, however, that God is control and that He will enable me to continue to fulfill my responsibilities at home and at the mission for the foreseeable future.  I do not believe that God's call on my life is winding down. I am committed to serving Him and His persecuted church with all of my heart for as long as I have strength.


suzanna meyer said...

Dear Glen,Even thoough I do not know you personally,I do know you from the aticles on the Web site.I am saddened by the news about your illness but I am also full of trust that God will give you strength for each day in your family and in the work for VOMC.I pray for you and your family.God who called you will uphold you in His care.

Jo G said...

This is disappointing news. I pray they are able to successfully help you. It is good that your attitude is positive, and knowing that the Lord has you and your family in His hands.

Anonymous said...

Our hopes for a cure from the transplant were so high. You will be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear your journey takes another turn.
You and your treatment team will be in my prayers.

Bene D

Ingrid said...

Dear Glen,
we are so sorry to hear that your difficult journey with this cancer is not over, yet...
I will not forget you in my prayers, dear brother.
From your family in the Lord in Edmonton,
Ingrid Zazulak

JANE said...

Dear Glen

Have you heard about the healing outpouring in Lakeland Florida? If you tune into and click the "programming" menu on taskbar. Select "watch now" and then choose "world feed" and it should open up on the Tod Bentley healing crusade. This annointing has been going on since April 2008 and miracle upon miracle has happened including cancers healed, even to viewers watching on TV in different countries and on the internet. I hope you tune in and I hope this annointing is for you by God's grace and in the Name of Jesus Christ. Better still, go to experience the annointing. With love in Jesus, Jane

Glenn Penner said...

Thanks for the suggestion. But, for me, my responsibilites here at the mission are far more important than to take time for this kind of personal trip. I sincerely believe that if God wants to heal me, He can do so without having to go to Florida (no disrspect intended)or anywhere else for that matter. I just don't see any biblical basis for believing otherwise.