Sunday, October 26, 2008

Videos on the persecution in Orissa

The blogger responsible for made me aware of this recent report by Sky News, a UK news channel. He is a British Christian with an Indian background who shares our concern about the persecution facing Christians in Orissa.  Check out his blog; it is really quite helpful.

This is probably the best video report that I have yet seen on the situation in Orissa. Check it out and share it with others.

Also check out these short amateur videos of houses and vehicles being burned by a mob in Ghumusar Udayagiri, Kandhamal district in Orissa.

The Voice of the Martyrs has committed to sending aid to the Christians of Orissa.  Funds for legal assistance, relief aid, and rebuilding projects are being raised and sent through reliable channels to insure that the help gets to those in need.  You can join us through an online donation to our Relief and Development Fund. Together we can let our brothers and sisters know that they are not forgotten during these days of tribulation.

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