Saturday, October 25, 2008

VOMC and online media

It is one thing to read about the stories of the triumphs and trials of the persecuted church. It is quite another to hear their actual voices and to see their faces!

Did you know that The Voice of the Martyrs has the largest collection of video reports and audio presentations on persecuted Christians on the Internet?  Ranging from one-minute reports called The Overcomers to our monthly 15-minute news feature The Persecution Report to reports on persecution gathered from around the world, The Voice of the Martyrs is committed to raising a voice worldwide for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Log on to our multimedia website Persecution.TV to view these one-of-a-kind videos.

ptvEvery month we also offer twelve new audio productions in our series Jesus Freaks. Take a few minutes to listen to these challenging and educational one-minute testimonies of men and women who, throughout history, have demonstrated an uncompromising faith in Christ. We think you will find them life-changing!

A number of these resources are also used by others on television, radio, and on the Internet:

  • Many broadcast The Persecution Report on their own website.
  • The online video edition of The Overcomers is available to TV stations on request in broadcast-quality video. 
  • The Jesus Freaks features are being broadcast on many radio stations across North America. 

Check to see if these programs are being broadcast in your area!

So what are you waiting for? Check out Persecution.TV right now.

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