Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sri Lanka defers anti-conversion bill debate

We were pleased to learn this morning that debate on a religious-conversion bill in Sri Lanka's parliament has been deferred amid opposition from Christians. According to UCANews, "a parliamentary committee comprising Christian parliamentarians and leaders of political parties on Feb. 18 examined the bill and agreed it might have serious consequences on religious activities, spark interreligious conflict and possibly violate the country's constitution." 

Pandu Bandaranayake, the Minister of Religious Affairs, confirmed Christians have called for more clarity on some words in the bill and so, despite opposition from the JHU, a party formed by Buddhist monks, the bill will be re-examined by the march-nlreligious consultative committee of his ministry.

It is believed that this relief will only be temporary and that there will be considerable pressure by the JHU to bring back the bill virtually unchanged for debate. 

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