Friday, March 20, 2009

A special gift

Earlier this year, one of our supporters wrote me with a rather unusual request.  She told me that she had in her possession an original letter from the famous Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon and that the Lord had laid it on her heart to sell it and give the proceeds to assisting the persecuted through our ministry. She wondered if I knew of any collectors who might be interested in purchasing it.  I was deeply touched by what she wanted to do, especially when she send me a transcript of the letter. It really is marvellous and I thought I would like to share it and this woman's sacrificial gift to the persecuted church with you.  You can click on these pictures to see a larger version of them. The transcript is below.

Spurgeon-Letter1 Spurgeon-Letter2


Norwood July 1/90

O Lord bless this letter

My Dear Arthur Layzell,

I was a little while ago at a meeting for prayer where a large number of ministers were gathered together. The subject of prayer was "our children". It soon brought the tears to my eyes to hear those good fathers pleading with God for their sons & daughters. As they went on entreating the Lord to save their families, my heart seemed ready to burst with strong desire that it might be even so. Then I thought I will write to those sons & daughters, to remind them of their parents' prayers.

Dear Arthur, you are highly privileged in having parents who pray for you. Your name is known in the courts of heaven. Your case has been laid before the throne of God.

Do you not pray for yourself? If you do not do so, why not? If other people value your soul, can it be right for you to neglect it? All the entreaties & wrestlings of your father, will not save you if you never seek the Lord yourself. You know this.

You do not intend to cause grief to dear mother & father but you do. So long as you are not save, they can never rest. However obedient & sweet & kind you may be, they will never feel happy about you until you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to find everlasting salvation.

Think of this. Remember how much you have already sinned and none can wash you but Jesus. When you grow up you may become very sinful & none can change your nature and make you holy but the Lord Jesus, through his Spirit.

You need what father and mother seek for you, and you need it NOW. Why not seek it at once? I heard a father pray, "Lord save our children, and save them young." It is never too soon to be safe; never too soon to be happy; never too soon to be holy. Jesus loves to receive the very young ones.

You cannot save yourself, but the great Lord Jesus can save you. Ask him to do it. He that asketh receiveth. Then trust in Jesus to save you. He can do it, for he died and rose again that whosoever believeth in Him might not perish, but have everlasting life. Come & tell Jesus you have sinned; seek forgiveness; trust in Him for it & be sure that you are saved.

Then imitate our Lord. Be at home what Jesus was at Nazareth. Yours will be a happy home, & dear father & mother will feel that the dearest wish of their hearts has been granted them.

I pray you to think of heave & hell, for in one of those places you will live for ever. Meet me in heaven! Meet me at once at the mercy-seat. Run up stairs & pray to the great Father, through Jesus Christ.

Yours very lovingly,

C.H. Spurgeon

One final note: I am told that the man who helped put our supporter in touch with a buyer for this magnificent letter knew Arthur Layzell's grandson who lived in the Cambridge area. The letter apparently bore fruit in Arthur Layzell's life.

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