Friday, March 20, 2009

Two new books available from The Voice of the Martyrs

I love books and I always have 3-4 on the go.  I want to introduce you to two books we just made available on our website's online bookstore that I think some of you will be particularly interested in.

rerp2 The first is Re-Examining Religious Persecution by Charles L. Tieszen. This innovative study notes the shortcomings of many modern studies of religious persecution, most notably in current theological reflection. Tieszen offers a theological framework in which the religious persecution of Christians can be properly and theologically understood and responded to. Perhaps most importantly, a theological definition of persecution is put forth that seeks to incorporate necessary but often over-looked elements. I found this to be a very valuable study and I highly recommend it.  Unfortunately, we only have about 8 copies on stock, so if you want a copy, you had best act quickly. You can order it online from us for $7.00 (plus shipping). 

whyl1 The second is one of the most inspirational and touching books that I have read it a long time.  Why Haven’t You Left? (Letters from the Sudan) by Marc Nikkel was recommended to me by one of the readers of my personal blog a few weeks ago. Once I started on this book, I couldn't put it down. Marc Nikkel was an Anglican missionary renowned around the world for his passionate commitment to the Jieng (Dinka) people of Southern Sudan. For twenty years, before his death in 2000 after a long battle with cancer, Marc dedicated himself to bringing to the world the songs of suffering and voices of hope of Christians in Southern Sudan.  This book is a collection of his missionary letters, written over those 20 years. In them you will witness his love for Sudan and the love of Sudanese Christians for their God who would not leave them in the face of persecution, poverty, war, and death. He writes deeply and from the heart.  A truly magnificent book.  Having spent time in Sudan in the late 1990's, I could easy imagine what the author was writing about and it brought back a lot of memories from a significant time in VOMC's ministry.  And fighting cancer as he did, I understand well some of what he writes about that as well. You can order it online too, starting today. 

Take a peek around our online bookstore.  We have some new DVDs for kids, including The Richard Wurmbrand Story, the latest in the Torchlighters series.  We also have a wide selection of books, DVDs and other resources specifically dealing with the persecution of Christians around the world. We also have some great deals on VOMC t-shirts and caps.

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