Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reaching out to Haiti

5-e1263408803734 At times like this, The Voice of the Martyrs is thankful that there are committed ministries whom we can refer to when our friends and supporters contact us asking how they they can reach out to when disasters take place like that taking place in Haiti.  As the suffering in Haiti is clearly not one of Christian persecution, The Voice of the Martyrs, as a ministry, will not proposing any projects for Haiti at this time (the only reason we might do so is if we learn that Christians are being discriminated against in the aid distribution and this seems unlikely in Haiti at this time, as persecution of any sort is rare there art other times). 

Hence, we are pleased to refer you to other excellent ministries who are stepping up to effectively assist those in need in Haiti at this time.  The Voice of the Martyrs recommends treachouthe following ministries:

1. World Vision Canada

2. Compassion Canada

3. Samaritan’s Purse Canada

4. Health Partners International Canada


6. Your own denominational mission, if applicable.

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