Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pakistani "Christian" Alleged to Have Committed Blasphemy with His Phone

Is Qamar David another potential victim of Pakistan's infamous blasphemy law because he is a Christian (as a number of news sources seem to be implying)?

According to my sources at the present time, Qamar David is not a Christian at all. He apparently converted to Islam in late 2005 in order to marry his niece (his wife's sister's daughter) whom he impregnated. Christians are not allowed to be polygamous and so he and his niece converted to Islam and married. So, he is an unrepentant adulterous, polygamous apostate. Not a Christian at all, even though he did come from a Christian family.

He is accused of sending blasphemous text messages to Muslim clerics, insulting Mohammed, after having become upset about attacks on churches in different parts of Pakistan during the protests in February over the cartoons of Mohammed published in Denmark.

It would seem to me that this is a man without religious or moral convictions whom we do no great honour to by baptizing his alleged actions as "religious persecution." Are Pakistan's blasphemy laws oppressive, subject to abuse, and worthy only of being thrown to the rubbish pile where they belong? Yes, this law must be opposed and so Qamar David is worthy of a diligent legal defense. But not as an oppressed Christian. To say it any other way, is to disrespect the sacrifice of those who genuinely suffer for the sake of Christ.

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