Saturday, November 18, 2006

Very Busy Week

I want to apologize for not doing much blogging this week. It has been extremely busy here at the mission this week. Of course, it didn't help that I was in the hospital until Wednesday. My hemoglobin and neutraphil levels struggled to get to a level that I could finally be discharged safely on Wednesday morning, but I am still feeling a little dizzy and run down. This makes it hard for me to concentrate enough to write anything legible down.

But we have also been having all kinds of guests and meetings here at the VOMC headquarters this week. We had our monthly Executive Team Meeting on Thursday, which I always look forward to. To lead this group as we meet together for the day, praying and discussing the issues facing our mission and looking ahead to the future is a real honour. The unity we have is incredible and I praise God for each of them.

Then our Board of Directors met yesterday and I was invited to join them for their meeting, as this is the last one that they will be having before I become the Chief Executive Officer of VOMC and Klaas steps down as Executive Director in January. This was, thus, a transitional meeting and very meaningful. Again, I was struck by the unity evident amoung the leaders of our mission. The Voice of the Martyrs is a mission built on a solid foundation and our supporters have very reason to be confident as we move into the future.

Also, we have guests arriving from around the world for Klaas and Nellie Brobbel's retirement banquet tonight. I had the privilege of two of my colleagues from our sister mission in Germany out for dinner last night. I was thrilled to hear of what they are doing in Syria amoung Christian refugees from Iraq fleeing persecution from their Muslim neighbours. I am hopeful that we will be able to join with them in this in the coming days. This is an answer to prayer for me, personally, as God placed a burden on my heart for these Iraqi refugees a year ago which, until now, I have been unable to act upon. God may be opening a way.

I would ask for your prayers. I am feeling a little fragile in regards to my health. Pray that God would sustain me during these busy, exciting days.

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