Sunday, November 05, 2006

What I Do Know About Helen's Release

I don't know if Helen Berhane's release from detention was the result of an international campaign on her behalf, as Amnesty International is claiming. I don't know if her release is a sign that the Eritrean government is growing more responsive to international pressure. Frankly, I would be surprised. I don't know if this is the first sign of a gradual softening of the Eritrean government towards its evangelical Christian population. I think that this would be saying too much, to be honest; only time will tell.

But I do know that Helen's release was the result of thousands of people praying for her. Since news of her freedom was confirmed on Friday, it has become obvious that this was a woman that many were praying for regularly, if not daily. Helen's release demonstrates that prayer is doing something; it is not that which we do when we have exhausted all other options.

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Comfort said...

That's the truth! Prayer is even beyond doing something, it is THE work! It is we pray that the will of God is brought to bear on every circumstances. It is as we prayer that God goes to work using whoever and whatever! It is as we pray that heaven opens to release resources and every help we need. Prayer is it. We receive directions for our labours on our knees. Oh that we pray more. Glory be to our Father for Helen's release. Wasn't he who burdened yielded lives to pray in the first place? Oh Lord, we bless you!