Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm Back... Sort of

Well, I've been home for a few days now but have only today felt able to finally write a few words down. I have felt badly about the delay, as I very much want to express my gratitude for the prayers and words of encouragement that I have received since being admitted to hospital on December 16 for my stem cell transplant. Quite honestly, I have been overwhelmed and deeply thankful. The transplant so far seems to have been a success. Unfortunately, I was badly weakened with the bout of pneumonia that I contracted but I am slowly recuperating. One thing that is obvious is that I am going to have to be patient and pace myself. Mind you, right now my body will not allow me to do otherwise. I have a tough time making it up more than a few stairs without being winded (which is tough when you live in a house with lots of stairs like we do). My appetite is virtually non-existent and I tremble rather badly at time (which I find very frustrating). But I am grateful to be home with my wife and children and able to assume the beginnings of a life again.

I am confident, however, that the God who began a good work in me is going to bring it to completion (to echo Paul's words Philippians 1:5). This is good to remember when it is hard to consider ever traveling internationally again when one cannot make it up a set of eight stairs without pausing to rest. I know that God is not finished with me though. This is the hope and confidence that I have in the Lord.

My recuperation will take longer, I expect, that I would like, however. There may yet be other setbacks. I have yet to experience something called Graft-Versus-Host Disease, which the doctors expect and actually want to see a little of, as it will be evidence that the transplant is a good one, able to fight off any remaining cancer in my system.

So, while I am appreciative for your prayers in the past, I ask that you continue to uphold me in this vital way. Pray, too, for my wife who has to assist me in many mundane ways. I want to publicly declare how much I love Denita. Times like this show the quality of your marriage partner, as I am sure many of you can testify to. She has sacrificed so much over the past few weeks, and continues to. Pray that she will have the strength that she needs, as she also serves part-time at the mission.

Well, that's about all that I can write for now without getting too worn out. Nothing terribly profound, I am afraid. I hope that I can start writing more interesting and persecution-related blogs again soon. In the meantime, I hope you have been enjoying Adele's contributions. I find her material very refreshing, as it comes from someone who is still rather new to the whole issue of persecution and is being greatly touched by it.

Hope to write again soon.


Jack Niewold said...

We are so glad to hear from you again, Glenn. The Lord will quicken your mortal body in due time and allow us to benefit from your gifts and insights. Don't worry about the website and the need to post a great deal. We too are patient, and in the meantime appreciate the contributions of Adele.

Anonymous said...

As far as weblogs and such: as Jack indicated, all in good time. We're good. In the meantime, know that we love you and we're surrounding you with prayer.

Your fellow geezer

Comfort said...

Brother Glenn, so good to hear from you. I'd been looking out for updates on your health. The Lord will fully undertake for you. He has no abandoned projects in His Hands.He is the author and FINISHER. We shall yet experience a miracle in perfecting your healing process. I KNOW IT, and I'm praying along. As for your wife, the Lord Himself will greatly reward her for doing that which she was created for (a help meet for you.) Glory be to Jesus! Comfort.

Glenn Cartwright said...


Your news is the kind we don't hear enough of these days. Praise God for seeing you and your family through till now. May He continue to be your focus and your strength.

Glenn Cartwright
Editor, The Gospel Report

Glenn Penner said...

Thanks, everyone. Praise the Lord, I am getting stronger every day, and able to do more and more. Your prayers are making a difference.