Saturday, January 27, 2007

Muslim Background Believer at Risk of Honour Killing

Because of the more journalistic nature of the Persecution and Prayer Alert (VOMC's weekly email news service), we will not generally publish stories where we cannot identify, at the very least, the country where the persecution is taking place. Hence, prayer requests from unidentified countries rarely ever make it to the P+P Alert. Such prayer requests are not always accurate or cannot be confirmed. However, we do, on occasion receive such prayer requests from credible organizations whose reputations we trust. One of them is Middle East Concern. Due to the sensitive nature of their work, they cannot always identify the countries in which they operate. I respect that.

On Friday, Middle East Concern sent out the following prayer request that I feel deserves your earnest attention and hope that you will uphold those involved in your prayers over the next week:

Christians in an Arabian Peninsula country have asked for our prayers for a female MBB (Muslim background believer). Her family has learned of her decision to follow Jesus. They are pressing her father to kill her. However, he does not wish to do so. Therefore, the lady's brothers and uncle are asking the father to allow them to kill her. The father has so far refused but remains under pressure.

Honour killing is a concern in many Middle Eastern countries. People choosing to follow Jesus are perceived as being traitors to their community, bringing great shame on the family. Within the culture, the shame can be removed by killing the traitor. This is especially true for ladies.

Christians in (this country) give thanks for her human father's protection of her and request our prayers that:
a. Our sister in Christ will be kept safe
b. Her family's attitude towards her will change
c. Nationals who hear of this lady will be challenged to respond to the love of Jesus

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