Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back at the Office Part-time

My doctor would kill me if he knew. But I have now been at the office two days in a row and really enjoying being back in the saddle somewhat. I was told not to expect to be back to work for six months after my transplant. I could never sit around that long. Six weeks is long enough.
Of course, I am pacing myself. One of the nice things about having been gone for a while is that others learn how to do things on their own that they might ordinarily lean on you for. So, my workload seems less now than before my transplant. This has given me more time to think and plan, which I think is an important part of my new responsibilities as VOMC's CEO.

I am so grateful for each of you who have been praying for my recuperation. Your prayers are being answered. I am still battling the occasional virus that comes along, but my doctors are doing an excellent job at finding them before they can really knock me down.

So, remember me in your prayers as I continue to slowly resume my responsibilities here at the mission. I love this ministry. I am so blessed.

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