Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Report Published on Religious Freedom in Vietnam

EFC Religious Liberty Commission Alert
:: February 27, 2007

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's Religious Liberty Commission (EFC RLC) today released a report detailing recent religious freedom developments in Vietnam.

Entitled "Gaining Traction? An Update on Religious Liberty Progress for Protestants in Vietnam," the 14-page document looks closely at developments in 2006, described as an important year in the struggle for religious liberty in Vietnam. Deemed by some as a ‘watershed year', progress was made by the Vietnamese government in response to considerable international pressure.

The EFC RLC report provides detailed information on developments in Vietnam to date, examining the motivation for, and likelihood of effective follow through on, three recent initiatives dealing with religion, including the registration and recognition of churches, particularly those of ethnic minorities.

"There have been some initiatives taken to improve the state of religious freedom in Vietnam," notes Glenn Penner, spokesperson for the EFC RLC. "However, questions remain as to whether Vietnam will continue its modest progress in religious freedom or revert to its former repression. This report takes a closer look at these issues, and provides key information about on-going persecution."

Read the report on the EFC website.


  • that there will be continuing and genuine progress of religious freedom in Vietnam as a result of these initiatives
  • for protection, encouragement and boldness for Vietnamese Christians who continue to suffer persecution
  • that the Vietnamese church will continue to grow and be strengthened in their hearts, minds, and bodies.

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