Friday, February 09, 2007

Observations Concerning the Persecution of Christians in India

Late last year, I proposed that the persecution story of 2006 was the increasing persecution of Christians in India. It would seem that 2007 will be little better, if the first few weeks of the year are any indication. As you may have noticed, this week's Persecution and Prayer Alert primarily dealt with India. No other country today demands our attention as much, just in the sheer number of incidents of violence against Christians and concerns over anti-conversion legislation in various states. In 2006, the Persecution and Prayer Alert carried 88 stories on India. Already in 2007, we have carried 15 stories. If the trend continues, we will be looking at approximately 125 for the year. We need to uphold our brothers and sisters in India in prayer like never before.

I am very pleased that VOMC staff was able to travel to India late last year and produce a video on the persecution facing Christians there. Also, this month's newsletter features a report from that trip with incredible testimonies of God's faithfulness and the courage of His people. If you are not currently receiving our newsletter, you can read the article online by subscribing at Then every month, you will receive our printed newsletter which I know will be a blessing to you.

Also concerning India, I noticed today the results of a survey taken by the BBC. Christians in India are sometimes branded as unpatriotic by Hindu militants. A survey conducted by the BBC suggests, however, that the country's tiny Christian community is the religious group most proud to be Indian. The BBC survey said Indian Christians were most proud of their national heritage (73 percent), followed by Hindus (71 percent) and Muslims at (60 percent).

I have found this to be true in other countries as well. Eritrean believers, for example, are also accused of being unpatriotic. Eritrean Christians I have met, however, are typically fiercely proud of their country. As a rule, Christians tend to be a country's best and most law-abiding citizens. If persecuting governments could only understand just how much they are hurting themselves by maltreating their Christian citizens.

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