Monday, April 23, 2007

Join the "I Speak Up for the Persecuted" Community

As part of our "Step Up, Stand Up, Speak Up" Campaign, The Voice of the Martyrs is inviting bloggers from around the world to help break the silence that surrounds the persecution of Christians around the world by joining our "I Speak Up for the Persecuted" community. If you have a weblog, we would invite you to consider:

1. Writing a minimum of two posts per month about Christian persecution, mentioning the Voice of the Martyrs with a link to this weblog site, and/or the The Voice of the Martyrs Newsletter, and

2. Placing an icon to your weblog page saying that “I Speak Up for the Persecuted.” Click here for to view and download an icon. If you join us in Speaking Up for the persecuted in the blogosphere, we will add a link to your site on the Persecution Blogroll on this page. If you would like to join this program, click here.


Jesus Freak said...

I believe that this is one ofe the greatest ways to get the word about the persecution of the christians out there I speak up for the persecuted and I would gladly join them.

shared cross said...

I beleive it is very imporatnt for us to speak on behalf of our brothers and siters who are shut and confined in prisons and dungeons. It is also very important for us to carry their burden and supplicate on their behalf before our Heavenly Father.

Beloved said...

To the Family of Christ. Let us love one another and carry each others burdens. Bless one another and when that day comes, the good LORD will remember your works. May you not be counted as having done nothing for any of God's precious children. And remember to pray for the salvation of our enemies. Amen