Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Training Up the Next Generation

It would be easy to think that persecution is simply an adult subject; one that we should shield our children from. But as I and the rest of the VOMC team travel and minister to persecuted Christians around the world, it often strikes us how children are a vital part of the Persecuted Church. We regularly run into children who must pay a high price to follow Christ. They are beaten, taken from their parents, starved, orphaned, or discriminated against. This is the reality of the world that we live in and we do our children here in the West no great favour by pretending that it is not. They need to know too that following Jesus is rarely easy.

This is why we at the mission have recently taken greater efforts to make more resources available that would appeal to children and which parents can use to train their children to be bold followers of Jesus. Hence, we have added several new books and videos recently to our online catalogue for children and we are going to add several more in the next week or so. Floyd Brobbel, our Chief Operations Officer, is presently in the middle of a tour to home school conferences across Canada promoting our Bold Believers resources, especially our free quarterly Bold Believers Magazine. You can subscribe for this unique resource online.

I am convinced that exposing our children to the Persecuted Church early in life will not only sensitize them to the reality of what our brothers and sisters are going through but help them to walk more faithfully with the Lord as they grow up. It will provide role models of faith that they can imitate.

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