Monday, April 02, 2007

More Persecution News Now Available on Persecution.Net

Starting today, The Voice of the Martyrs in Canada will be picking out the top 4-5 stories concerning Christian persecution from the many that we receive each day and providing news links for those who visit our website or subscribe to this new RSS feed. You can find the icon for this new service on the front page of our main website This new service is not intended to take the place of our weekly email news service, The Persecution and Prayer Alert, but to enable us to continue to provide the most up-to-date and thorough coverage of persecution possible. Every week we also face the difficult choice of deciding which stories to include in The Persecution and Prayer Alert and which to leave out. By providing these daily links, we hope that this choice will be less of a challenge, as our readers will be able to read some stories that, while important, we cannot cover in the our weekly email news service due to space or priority considerations. Of course, there will be some overlap of stories from week to week. But the coverage in The Persecution and Prayer Alert will continue to focus on more than just the facts but also on what you can do with the information that you receive. It will also reflect the further research that we have done that will insure that the story you receive in The Persecution and Prayer Alert is as accurate as we can make it. The stories in The Persecution and Prayer Alert will reflect VOMC's position of issues; the daily links may not. In fact, The Voice of the Martyrs does not necessarily endorse the sources or guarantee the absolute accuracy of all of the content contained on the websites that we will link on our daily links RSS feed. Of course, we will only link to sources that we feel fairly comfortable with sending you to (there are organizations whom we would NOT send you to as they tend to be a little "evangelastic" with the facts).

You may be interested to know that to assist us in the task of providing you with the best possible service, our team is also working on a set of criteria that will help us to decide which stories to cover. Our goal remains the same; to glorify God by being Canada's effective and reliable source of information and support of persecuted Christians around the world. We hope that these decisions will help us to do this even better. We hope you agree.

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