Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Toronto Star and This Week's Court Ruling in Malaysia

It isn't often that I find myself agreeing with the editor of the Toronto Star. But today's editorial on this week's ruling by the Malaysian Federal Court is an exception. The Star rightfully notes that Malaysia's "image as a moderate, multicultural democracy was dealt a blow last week when the nation's highest court refused to recognize the conversion of a Muslim-born woman to Christianity" and that the 2-1 votes was "deplorable." Click here to read the full editorial.

What is even more surprising to me was to read today's column by Haroon Siddiqui, the Star's editorial page editor emeritus. Mr. Saddiqui is a man I have often thought of as "Mr-Blame-the-United-States-for-everything" and who never seems to find any fault with Muslim behaviour no matter how reprehensible. While he still cannot avoid taking a shot at the US and proselytizing American evangelicals (whom he blames for creating a siege mentality amoung Muslims worldwide), at least he admits that the Malaysian ruling is an example of the multicultural missteps that characterize that country. You can click here to read the full editorial by Siddiqui.

Personally, I am encouraged by this coverage in the Toronto Star today. It is not often that this paper covers religious liberty issues, especially when they concern Christians and Muslims. I would encourage readers to write to the Editor of the Star and thank him for this kind of coverage of a religious liberty story and encourage him to support more such reporting of important stories like this. We are often quick to condemn the media; we also need to be quick to thank them when they do a good job.

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