Saturday, August 02, 2008

B.C. Man Files a Complaint With Human Rights Tribunal Over "Jesus Sucks" Stunt

Earlier this week, I mentioned the latest stunt pulled by one of the “stars” of the stupid reality TV competition Kenny vs. Spenny as a plane fly over Toronto with a banner that read "Jesus Sucks."  I asked how we should respond.

Well, here's one response that I am not entirely surprised by, given the latest controversy over the abuse of human rights tribunals in this country.

B.C. resident files complaint over 'Jesus Sucks' stunt after watching it online

Craig Offman,  National Post  Published: Friday, August 01, 2008

A British Columbia resident has filed a complaint with the province's Human Rights Tribunal after watching an episode of the prankish television show Kenny vs. Spenny online. Dean Skoreyko said he took offence to the slogan "Jesus Sucks," which was put on an airplane banner, pictured, and flown across Toronto skies earlier this week. Masterminded by Kenneth Hotz, the show's co-creator, the stunt was part of a contest between Mr. Hotz and co-host Spencer Rice to see who could offend the greatest number of people. Mr. Skoreyko, once a potential Conservative Party nominee in the federal Okanagan-Shuswap riding, said that he filed the complaint on behalf of the "silent majority" of Christians who would object to the antics, adding that these kinds of commissions apply double standards, often favouring minority interests.

While I am struck with a sense of irony over this, I cannot say that I support Mr. Skeryko's response, especially as he claims to be doing on behalf of "silent" Christians across the country. I don't need someone speaking on my behalf (not that I am very silent).  If such a complaint helps put these tribunals out of their misery or motivates reform, then it may serve a useful purpose, but I doubt that this will be the result, nor do I think that this is his intent.  This is as much an abuse of the system as the other complaints that I have featured on this blog.  The fact that it is a Christian doing it this time is, while ironical, no more justifiable. 

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